Demerger - Amalgamation of Meghmani Organics

Modified on Sat, 21 Aug, 2021 at 4:17 PM

The name of the company before demerger has been changed to Meghmani Organics (Old) in MProfit. The new company with the same name has been listed and approved in MProfit with different NSE and BSE code. 

Please follow the steps to complete the corporate actions in the same order in auto-corporate process so that you will get the correct live prices of your holding and accurate capital gains.

1. You will see existing stock with name Meghmani Organics (Old) in your portfolio.

2. From summary screen, right click on the stock and go to Other Transactions > Add Demerger Details.


3. To select new stock click on + sign. 

4. Select Meghmani Organics and click on Save.

5. Select Meghmani Organics in second row. 

Enter the amount as per the ratio. Cost ratio for capital gains purpose:
Meghmani Organics (Old) - 6.15%
Meghmani Organics (New) - 93.85%

6. Once demerger is done, use the merger corporate action of Meghmani Organics (Old) to Meghmani Finechem in the ratio of for every 1000 quantity of Meghmmani Organics (old) to 94 quantity of Meghmani Finechem.

From summary screen, right click on Meghmani Organics (Old) and go to Other Transactions > Add Merger.

7. Select the Merging into - Meghmani Finchem. 

As mentioned ratio is 1000:94.

Attached please find the notice and cost ratio certificate issued by the company.

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