Mutual fund advisors & distributors can reconcile client data in MProfit for Karvy (KFintech) funds by using the Karvy MSFD203 file

A reconciliation in MProfit with the Karvy AUM file will provide you with a report on reconciled folios, unreconciled folios and any missing data in your MProfit Client data. You can download and save an MProfit reconciliation report in Excel format.

Please follow the steps below to run a reconciliation in MProfit with the Karvy MSFD203 file:

  1. Click on Advisor Tools > Recon Module

  2. Click the Add Recon Template button

  3. Search for and select the Karvy AUM Recon - MSFD203 template

  4. Click Add to My Templates

  5. Now select this template and upload your Karvy MSFD203 file to continue the reconciliation process.

  6. Below is a sample MProfit reconciliation window that contains detailed on reconciled, unreconciled and missing data. You can download this report in Excel format.