On 10th January 2023, we introduced new subscription plans across two distinct categories: Investors and Wealth Professionals.You can view our detailed updated pricing for all MProfit subscription plans in the following link:

Latest MProfit Pricing

Please note that as of 10th January 2023, we have permanently discontinued our Legacy Plans, namely: MProfit Investor, MProfit Investor+, MProfit Pro and MProfit Advisor.

For paid CLOUD and DESKTOP customers who had subscribed to our Legacy Plans before 10th January 2023:

  • There is currently no change in MProfit renewal charges
  • You can continue using the older MProfit plans (MProfit Investor+, MProfit Pro and MProfit Advisor)
  • If there is any change in this policy in the future, we will send a communication with regards to it.

For any free, trial or paid users who sign up for MProfit or purchase a new subscription after 9th January 2023:

  • You will have to sign up for MProfit's new plans as per our website: www.mprofit.in
  • It is not possible to sign up for our Legacy Plans (Investor+, Pro or Advisor) after 9th January 2023.