MProfit provides an additional pack that lets Advisors enhance their client reporting experience.

With this pack, you can upload your company logo for branding purposes. Your logo will be displayed to your clients in their MProfit mobile apps, web logins and all MProfit client reports.

The branding with logo is available for MProfit Advisor plans (not available with MProfit Pro). Click this link to learn more about branding with logo in MProfit.

With the MProfit Advisor Premium Pack, your client logins will also be upgraded from free to premium MProfit logins. This gives your clients direct access to the following:

  1. Annualised Returns (XIRR) on web & mobile apps for any asset, asset type or portfolio

  2. Annualised Returns (XIRR) reports covering all assets and asset types in a portfolio

  3. Realised & Unrealised Capital Gains reports in Income Tax Return format for Stocks, Mutual Funds & Traded Bonds

  4. Historical Valuation and Transaction reports for Stocks & Mutual Funds

  5. Advanced reports including Closing Balances, Holding Period and Stock Register

  6. Due Date reports

All portfolio reports can be exported out of MProfit.

The pricing for the MProfit Advisor Premium Pack is as follows:

MProfit PlanYearly Pricing for Advisor Premium Pack (excluding GST)
Advisor 100₹ 5,000         (₹ 50 per portfolio / year)
Advisor 200₹ 10,000       (₹ 50 per portfolio / year)
Advisor 500₹ 15,000       (₹ 30 per portfolio / year)
Advisor 1000+₹ 30,000+     (₹ 30 per portfolio / year)