To automate import of data, your daily trade files can be auto-forwarded from your email to MProfit.

This will ensure that your MProfit data remains updated every day.

For any daily file that you receive via email (eg. contract notes), you can set up a forwarding rule in your email that will forward the file daily to MProfit.

To set up Auto-import in MProfit for any file that you receive in your email, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your MProfit account at

  2. Click the Import button (top-right)

  3. Make sure that you have added the required template to your Favourites

    For example, if your file is a Zerodha contract note, add the "Zerodha - Daily Email CN"  template to your favourites.

    Then click the Auto-import button for this template.

  4. In the next screen, select your email provider and then complete the auto-import steps on the screen, as guided.