How to track my Smallcases in MProfit?

Modified on Sun, 16 Jan 2022 at 01:29 AM

If you are a Smallcase investor, you can now create Strategy Portfolios in MProfit for the Smallcases that you manage.

Helpful link: How to create a Goal / Strategy portfolio in MProfit?

By doing so, you can track live valuations, XIRR and Gain/Loss for each Smallcase that you manage.

Further, you can set up an auto-forwarding rule to import your Smallcase email order confirmation to MProfit.

By doing so, your Smallcase orders will be auto-mapped to transactions imported to MProfit on a regular basis!

To set-up auto-import for your Smallcase order confirmation email in MProfit, follow the steps below:

  1. Login at and click Import

  2. Next, search for the template: Smallcase - Order Confirmation Email.

    Once found, click and add the template:

  3. Now, under My Templates, find the Smallcase template and click the Auto-import button

  4. Follow the steps as directed on the next screen to set up the forwarding rule for your Smallcase order confirmation email.

    While setting up the forwarding rule, use the following criteria in the forwarding filter:

    From address:

    Subject - Has the words: Your smallcase order

Once you have completed this process, your Smallcase order emails will be auto-forwarded to MProfit when received in your inbox.

This will allow MProfit to auto-map the Smallcase orders to the original transactions already imported!

When a Smallcase email has been forwarded to your MProfit account, follow the below steps:

  1. Click Import > Import Log

  2. You will see the status for Smallcase import as Check for Contract Note.

    The reason for this: your Smallcase order email is sent to you during trading hours BUT your broker's contract note is usually emailed by the end of day.

    Thus MProfit waits until the following day to process your import.

    But if you are importing an older file and your contract note is already imported, click View Details.

  3. If you are sure that your contract note transactions are already imported, click Already Imported.

  4. If this is the first time you are importing this Smallcase, complete the one-time portfolio mapping and click Save.

    If you are buying Smallcases with only one broker, it is preferable to add the Default Broker, so that it is easier for MProfit to map your Smallcases to imported transactions.

  5. You will now see the Preview of your Smallcase import in MProfit. You can verify the data and click Confirm Import.

    For transactions with the status as Mapped, MProfit was able to find the source transaction.

    For transactions with the status as 
    Map, MProfit was not able to find the source  transaction, meaning that the original transaction is likely not imported.

    For transactions with the status as Fully Assigned, MProfit recognizes them as a duplicate i.e. these are already previously mapped. If you still wish to assign them once again to a different Strategy / Goal, you can select such transactions in the Preview window, before confirming the import.

  6. Your Smallcase order is now updated in MProfit!

    Going forward, you can fully automate your Smallcase imports by turning the Preview option off under the Template Info.

    If you have set up auto-import for the Smallcase order email in MProfit, MProfit will automatically process your Smallcase import on a T+1 basis.


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