MProfit provides the easiest way to manage your NPS investment. It is a two steps approach:

Step 1: Upload all your past NPS transactions in MProfit till today

Step 2: Auto-import your monthly NPS PDF transaction statement which you receive in your email every month, which will keep your NPS transaction and valuation auto-updated every month.

Step 1:

1) To upload all your past NPS transactions, you will need to download all your NPS transactions in excel format from NSDL site. Click here to know how to download NPS statement from National Pension System (NPS) website.

2) Once this statement is downloaded, login to your MProfit cloud account by visiting

3) Create the NPS asset name in your portfolio by clicking the "Add Transaction"

4) Select NPS/ULIP asset category from the drop-down menu.

5) Now create one new NPS plan/scheme by clicking on the + button.

6) Select New Asset and create the new asset for your NPS scheme as per details below and save it.

7) Once you have created an NPS asset name, you can close this window and click on Import button

8) Search template name 'NPS NSDL' and select the template 'NPS - NSDL'

9) You will see following templates in the list.

10) Select NPS - NSDL Tier 1 Transaction Statement and click 'Add to My Templates'

11) Now you are ready to upload all your past NPS transactions from the statement you have saved from NSDL site.

Select this template and start importing the file and complete the import process. You will need to map portfolio name and NPS asset name in MProfit one time.

Step 2: Upload your PDF NPS monthly transaction statement in MProfit.

You will need to use the template "NPS - NSDL Tier 1 Monthly Transaction Statement' to upload this file.

There are two ways you can upload:

a) Save the monthly PDF statement to your desktop and import using this template

b) Set auto-forwarding rule in your email account so that your NPS investment will be auto-updated every month with monthly transactions and valuation as per the statement.

 Click here for the detailed information about how to setup auto-import feature for any template in MProfit.