Request & import your Mutual Fund CAS from CAMSOnline

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What is CAS?

CAMS provides you with a Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) in PDF format.

CAS includes your Mutual Fund transaction details for all MF schemes managed by CAMS, Karvy and Franklin Templeton.

Here's a sample CAS from CAMSOnline:

Why import CAS to MProfit?

CAS is a comprehensive transaction document for Mutual Funds. This is because it should contain transaction-level details for every single MF scheme traded by you since inception.

While this statement comes from CAMSOnline, it should actually include all your MF schemes managed by CAMS, Karvy and Franklin Templeton!

You can directly auto-import your CAS statement in PDF format to MProfit.

How do I request my CAS from CAMSOnline?

Follow the steps below to request your CAS file from CAMSOnline:

  1. Go to the following page to request your CAS statement:

  2. On the next page, enter all required details, as shown below. Then click the Submit button.

  3. Your request will now be sent to CAMSOnline, and you will receive your CAS file in your registered email inbox.

I have my CAS - now how do I import to MProfit?

Once you have received your CAS from CAMSOnline in your email, follow the steps below:

  1. Do you use the same email ID for MProfit that you used to request your CAS statement?
    • IF YES, proceed directly to STEP 2.

    • IF NO, first forward your CAS statement to your MProfit registered email ID.

      Then proceed to STEP 2.

  2. From your MProfit registered email ID, forward the email with your attached pdf CAS file to the following email address:

    This will initiate your CAS import.

  3. Now, login at on a web browser.

    Please note that you can also complete the following steps on the MProfit mobile app, if required.

  4. Next click the Import button at the top-right of the screen.

  5. Now click the Import Log button.

  6. In the Import Log, locate your pending CAS import task by name:

    Mutual Fund CAS - CAMSOnline

  7. Once located, click the Enter Password button under the Action column.

  8. Follow the subsequent steps as guided on the screen to complete your import.

At the end of the process, all transactions from your CAS statement will be updated in your MProfit portfolios.

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