You can manage Treasury Bills (T-Bills) and Government Securities (G-Sec) under NCD/Debentures category in MProfit. 

Please follow the steps as per the example below: 

1. On the portfolio summary screen, click on the + button and click Add Transaction.

2. Under Asset Class, select NCD/Debentures 

3. Select Transaction type: Buy

Click on + sign to add the new Asset name. 

4. Enter the name of the asset and click on Save.

5. Keep the interest rate as zero for T-Bills. Also keep the other details as it is. 

(In case of G-Sec asset there is interest rate so you can enter the same)

Enter the Maturity date, Transaction date, Quantity, Price and Amount. Click On Save

(You will get the Transaction Details in email confirmation sent by broker OR from confirmation memo file.)