Follow the 2 steps below to start tracking your ICICI F&O trades in MProfit:

  1. Download your historical ICICI trade book report and import to MProfit (est. time: 15 minutes)

    The first step is to import your historical trades from ICICI to MProfit.

    From your online ICICI account, you can request a trade book report that contains your trades for each financial year in a single file.

    You can directly import this report to MProfit. 

    Learn more: How do I get my historical F&O trades from ICICI direct?

  2. Set up auto-import for your future ICICI trades (est. time: 5 minutes)

    Going forward, your daily trade data can be auto-imported to MProfit from your email inbox. This will ensure that your MProfit data remains updated automatically.

    You can set up a forwarding rule in your email that will forward your ICICI contract note daily to MProfit.

    To enable this, set up auto-import in MProfit for the following template: ICICI direct - Daily CN (F&O)

    Learn more: How do I set up Auto-import for my trade file?