To get your historical Equity trades from ICICI direct, you can download year-wise trade book reports from your online ICICI portal.

Follow the steps below to request your ICICI trade book report for each financial year:

  1. Login to your online ICICIdirect portal at the following link:

  2. Once you have logged in using the link above, you can request your trade book report financial year-wise.

    Select the Period (one financial year at a time), and leave the other options unchanged.

    For example: To request a report for FY 21-22, select the Start Date as 01/04/2021 and End Date as 31/03/2022. 

    Then click View

  3. You can then download the report in CSV format.

  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for every Financial Year of data that you wish to download.

  5. Once you have downloaded the year-wise reports, come back to MProfit.

    Import your trade report files using the template: ICICIdirect - Trade Book (EQ)