To get your historical transactions from Zerodha, you can request year-wise reports in Console.

Follow the steps below to request your contract note report for each financial year.

If you have already requested the same trade files to import your Equity data, proceed to step 5 directly and use the same files to import your F&O data.

  1. Login to Zerodha Console at

  2. Next, click Reports > Downloads

  3. On the next screen, select the following:

    - Report type: XLSX
    Date range: You can select 1 financial year at a time.
    Category: Equity

    Keep the other options unchanged and then click Email

    Repeat Step 3 for every financial year that you need data for.

  4. Once you have requested your year-wise reports on Console, go to your email.

    For each year-wise report, you will receive an email from Zerodha with a download link.

    Download these reports and then go back to MProfit.

  5. Go back to MProfit and import your files using the template: Zerodha - Multi CN (F&O)