If you buy Mutual Funds with Zerodha Coin, you can import your Coin transactions to MProfit.

Follow the steps below to download your Coin transaction files and import to MProfit:

  1. Login to Zerodha Coin:

    Go to https://coin.zerodha.com/, click the Login button and enter your login details.

  2. Next, under the Summary tab, click on Holdings.

  3. Next, Go to the Orders tab. You can now select the time period for which to download your trade file.

    Please note that you can request this file for one month at a time.

    Once you have selected your time period, click Export csv to download the file.

  4. Once the trade file is downloaded, repeat Step 3 for every month of data that you need.

    Download these files and then go back to MProfit.

  5. Come back to MProfit and import your files using the template: Zerodha Coin - Order History