To get your mutual fund transactions in one file from Zerodha, you can download a mutual fund order history from your Zerodha Coin login. You can directly import this statement to MProfit.

1. Login to your Zerodha Coin account :

2. Once logged in click on Order History. From the right side click on 'Export to CSV'.

3. Now, login to your MProfit account at

4. Once logged in, click Import (top-right) and search for the following template:

Zerodha Coin

In the search results, click on the Zerodha Coin - Order History (MF) template for mutual funds, as displayed in the below screenshot:

5. Review the template information. Next, click the Add to My Templates button and then click Continue.

6. Now that this template has been added, select the Zerodha Coin - Order History (MF) template under the My Templates section.