To get your mutual fund transactions in one file from Zerodha, you can download a mutual fund tradebook from your Zerodha Console. You can directly import this statement to MProfit.

  1. Login to your Zerodha Console :

  2. Once logged go to Reports > Tradebook.

  3. Now choose the options as per the screenshot below:

    Select segment: Mutual Fund.

    Choose the date range, as per your requirement.

    Click on the blue arrow to generate the report.

  4. Once the report is generated, click the Download: XLSX button to export the report in Excel format.


  5. Now, login to your MProfit account at

  6. Once logged in, click Import (top-right) and search for the following template:

    Zerodha Tradebook

    In the search results, click on the Zerodha Tradebook - Mutual Fund (MF) template for mutual funds, as displayed in the below screenshot:


  7. Next, click the Add to My Templates button and then click Continue.


  8. Finally, select the Zerodha Tradebook - Mutual Fund (MF) template and upload your Mutual Fund Tradebook file.