Importing transaction-wise Opening Balances to MProfit with Date, Quantity & Price details is essential to computing accurate capital gains & portfolio returns.

Mutual Funds

The simplest and most accurate way to import opening balances to MProfit for Mutual Funds is to import your Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) from CAMSOnline.

Learn more about requesting & importing your CAS from CAMSOnline

Alternatively, you can also manually enter your Mutual Fund transactions in the MProfit application.


MProfit makes it simple for you to update your Opening Balances by using our Stock Opening Balances Excel template.

You can download this template from the link below and begin populating your data:

  1. Download the MProfit Stock Opening Balances template.

  2. Once your download is complete, open the file, read the instructions in the file and enter transaction details for all the stocks in your portfolio.

  3. Next, in the MProfit application, click Import at the top-right.

  4. Now, search for the MProfit Stock Opening Balances template in the Import window and add it to My Templates.
  5. Finally, import your file in MProfit: Step-wise import guide

Your stock opening balances will now be up-to-date.

After you have completed this one time exercise of updating your opening balances, you can set up auto-import for your daily stock contract note so that your daily trades are automatically updated in your MProfit portfolios.

Learn how to set up Auto-Import in MProfit

Other Assets

With MProfit, you can also manage investments in many other asset classes such as Traded Bonds, Insurance, NPS, ULIP, Insurance, PPF/EPF, NCDs, Private Equity and many more.

To update your opening balances for these assets, MProfit provides Excel templates that you can enter your data in, and import the files to MProfit.

To import your opening balances using MProfit templates:

  1. In MProfit, search for the template under Import; use the keyword "MProfit" to narrow down your search
  2. Click on Template Information ( i ), download the sample MProfit Excel template

  3. Populate your data in the downloaded Excel file

  4. Once you have entered your data in the file, save the file & import it to MProfit

  5. Your data will now be imported

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