You can import files to MProfit in pdf, excel, csv, html, txt and dbf formats.

By supporting the direct import of files from 700+ brokers & other entities, MProfit is a powerful data aggregator for Indian investors.

You can auto-import a range of different files to MProfit as detailed below:

Mutual Funds:

- Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) from CAMSOnline
- Monthly Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) from NSDL

- CAMS, Karvy and Franklin Templeton registrar files for Mutual Fund advisors


- Digital Contract Notes provided by your broker
- Back-office Tradebook Files provided by your broker

MProfit supports the import of transaction statements from 700+ brokers & other entities across India. If your broker is not currently supported, please send us a sample file to and we will try our best to add support for your broker.

MProfit also provides import support for a growing number of PMS and AIF statements.

With MProfit, you can also manage investments in many other asset classes such as Traded Bonds, Insurance, NPS, ULIP, Insurance, PPF/EPF, NCDs, Private Equity and more.

To import your transactions for these assets, MProfit provides Excel templates that you can enter your data in, and import the files to MProfit.

Please email us at if you have any questions!