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How do I download and import the tradebook from Trading terminal "Orion Lite" provided by Motilal?

Open Orion Lite Desktop software provided by Motilal Oswal
Under Reports
Click Other Reports
The page in the browser will open up.
Enter code
Click on the Client Name to open Report
You will see the screen displaying 'Online Reports'
Under 'Trading' Category,
Click Datewise Scripwise Transaction
Select Segment Equity and Exchange as BSE or NSE
Choose Period (for any 1 month)
Select 'Summary'
Click Export to CSV
Save this file to your desktop.
Open the file
Replace 'Exchange' keyword in the first column with the Client Code
Import this file

Note: Don't forget to replace 'Exchange' keyword with the client code as this file does not have client code.

Sample file:

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