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How do I prevent others viewing my Portfolio Data?

edited October 2014 in General
You can create two log-in types, one is the 'Owner' and the other is the 'User'. Keep separate passwords for both. Without the password, others can not view your portfolio data.
Owner has the full access to all the data and the User also has access to all the data except for the current value and overall gain as well as some of the reports related to current net worth of the portfolio. The user will only see two columns in the portfolio summary screen, the quantity column and the amount invested.

In MProfit Pro/Advisor:
To create or change password,
Click Manage->Settings->Change Password (In Pro and Advisor version)
Click Tools->Change Password (in Investor version)

In MProfit Investor, this option is available under Tools.

Please note that you need to remeber your password. If you forget your 'Owner' password, you will not be able to view your data.

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