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How to download and import HDFC statement for ENET users (HDFC Wholesale/Corporate banking)

Following is the procedure to download this file:

1) ENET is basically HDFC Bank Wholesale/Corporate banking

2) After logging into Wholesale banking, Click Account Services

3) Under Account Services, there is option called statements. Click on the same

4) To view/download account statement. Click on view statement

5) Enter the period (Only 1 month account statement is allowed to be viewed/downloaded, for larger period-fill the period month wise and download for each month)

6) Only Following formats are allowed for download- PDF,CSV and Txt. Select CSV format and download and save it on your computer.

7) Open MProfit and click on the Accounting tab, then click on the import button.

8) From the list select "HDFC Bank - ENET (CSV)" and add it

9) Import this CSV file using this template.
Click here for the sample HDFC Bank Statement for ENET users:
Sample Excel file:

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