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Avg Purchase Price Calculation for Direct Stocks

edited June 2014 in Accounting
How is average purchase price calculated for Direct Stocks. I have bought about 5 different stocks in one contract note The avg purchase price is different in HDFC trading site and Mrofit are different. Please let us know what is the method are numbers used in calculating in Avg rice in Mprofit.


  • If there are mutliple buys of the same stock in one contract note, the average purchase price is the avearage of all the buys on the same day. However, if you would like to know the average purchase price of any outstanding stock in MProfit, we calculate based on First In First Out basis as per income tax rule

    Click here to know how the closing price is calculated of any stock.

    If you want to see the average purchase price, you can see the trading report. Here the purcase price is calculated based on average purchase price of remaining stocks.

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