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How do I enter an Indiabulls merger and dividend payout?

edited June 2014 in Accounting

1. Indiabulls Financial Services Limited was merged with Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited.

2. Indiabulls Financial Services Limited shares (3200 shares) were bought on 05.02.2013.

3. Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited shares were deposited in the demat account on 23.07.2013. IBULHSGFIN in demat. This is nearly after five months.

4. But, Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited declared a dividend of 1000.00% for the year ending March 2013 (dd.03.2013) which is about four months before the shares were deposited in the demat account and that dividend was credited to the bank account on 10.05.2013 much before the shares were credited to the demat account. (3200 shares x Rs. 6.5/share = Rs. 20800.00).


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