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MProfit hangs during exit

edited May 2014 in General
I am using MProfit Pro version.
Recently I created a new F&O account (have not entered any entries there).
Now whenever I close the application, I see status bar - updating tables running for ever.
I have to kill the application from the task manager.

I am now worried to add any new transaction (for the fear of losing it).
I know that you are using sqlite db in the backend. Does it have to do with any incorrect commit transaction during system shutdown process causing the problem? May be any open transaction which is not allowing the db to be closed during shutdown?

Please let me know if there is any work around or the issue is already known issue.


  • edited May 2014
    Since you have started F&O, it will update the F&O database and will take some time only for the first time. You will need to wait till the process completes. Since you are killing the application before the process gets completed, you are seeing this message again and again.

    This does not affect your transaction database as both are maintained in separate database and different folders. We are working on optimising this process and which will reduce the time for database update.
  • We have released the new software update, which is optimised to update the database quickly. Click Help->Check for update to get the latest update
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