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How to handle MF Switch-In/Switch-Out in accounts if both happen on different dates?

edited March 2014 in Accounting
I have two funds, ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund and ICICI Equity Fund. The switch-out is happening from Liquid fund and switch-in is going to Equity fund. However due to the recent changes, there is a difference of one day for the dates of switch-in and switch-out. I cannot assign Switch-in/Switch-out for these transactions as MProfit does not allow different dates for this purpose. These transactions should not go to banks as it is redemption from one fund and purchase in another fund of the same amount. How do I handle this in MProfit accounting module.

We are aware of this situation. Unfortunately, you cannot mark switch-in/switch-out transaction because for auto-creation of JV, it requires the same date. If both the transactions are on different dates, this needs to be handled one by one. Both these transactions will go to ‘Unassigned Bank/Ledger’. Create one new ledger ‘MF – Switch-In/Switch-Out’ under ‘Current Assets’.
Open both the transactions one by one and assign them to ‘MF – Switch-In/Switch-Out’ ledger. This will resolve the issue.

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