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How to Add HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus under ULIP

edited March 2014 in Accounting
How to add HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus under ULIPs and update latest value ??


  • Here is the link of video for entering ULIP and Insurance products in MProfit:

  • Actually all ULIP's have NAV which can be tracked.

    e.g. My HDFC Life ProGrowth fund has 50% in HDFC Life ProGrowth - Bluechip and 50% in Opportunities fund.
    both options has different NAV which are trackable from internet.

    Mprofit should have provision to enter units and NAV for investments made in ULIP. After that it should track the returns based on changes on NAV.

    But presently, Mprofit only tracks only present value and invested amount which is actually improper for a person as it does not indicate whether person has made gains in which ULIP section. Actually based on Mprofit, one shall be able to decide whether to remain invested in which sector based on past performance for ULIP tenure.
  • Your point is right, but ULIPs are very complex products and there are more than 20-25 insurance companies with hundereds of products with many associated funds for each scheme. Here is the post which we have replied to the earlier similar query.

    You should update the policy value every quarter or six months and MProfit will give you accurate XIRR returns for your ULIP Products. It is a good feature to have, let's hope we can incorporate this at some time.

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