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How do I handle dividend Pay-out entry from MF statement which is different from actual credit

edited March 2014 in Accounting
My mutual fund statement shows dividend pay-out of Rs.6230.30 on 07-Feb-2014. When I imported the CAS PDF statement, it got imported with this date and amount. However I received the credit of Rs.6230 (rounded off) on 15-Feb-2014 in my bank account. How do I handle in this in Accounts in MProfit?

There are two ways you can handle this:

You should not change the date and amount in PMS transaction. You need to just pass one JV with
Debit – Dividend Income Rs.0.30
Credit – Bank Account Rs.0.30
The date in the bank ledger will remain as 07-Feb-2014 (even if you received the credit on 15th Feb)
In this method, if you reimport your mutual fund transactions, you will not get duplicate record.

You can open the dividend pay-out entry in PMS and change the date to 15-Feb-2014 and amount to Rs. 6230. This will resolve the issue.
However, you need to be careful not to import the past transactions again, else Rs.6230.30 will be added again as duplicate record.

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