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How I get a JM Financial sub-broker PDF transaction summary file?

edited February 2014 in Advisor
I'm a sub-broker at JM Financial and I want to import my clients trades via a single PD file, how do I get that file?


  • edited February 2014
    You can get the PDF statements by logging into their sub-broker system and downloading the file:

    1. Login to [Need to verify link]

    2. At the main menu select "NSE - Cash Segment"

    3. From the Class software menu, select "Utilities - JMMS_Reports - Sauda_summary"

    4. Enter the dates required. Leave PartyCode empty if you would like all clients data, leave Exchange and Settlement Type set to "ALL"

    5. Click "View PDF"

    6. Save the file to your desktop

    7. Import into MProfit using the JM Financial - PDF - Tran. Summ. import template

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