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XIRR and Historical Pricing

edited February 2014 in General
Recently I bought the license for Pro version.
I am trying to use the historical pricing feature.

Before I start of with my problem, I would like to state my understanding on the concept
"Historical Pricing : It provides the value of the asset, Its XIRR for the invested quantity as on X date. where X is a previous date."
I hope the understanding (in lay man terms) is correct.

Is there any special setting to be done? I see lot of incorrect value reported (specially XIRR) for each asset and total asset under a group.I know this, because I have captured these values (on a separate document) last year (values got from Mprofit itself).

Some of the problem faced are:

a. I have invested in Fraklin India Blue Chip fund from 2007 onwards (without a single sell done).  So it is an all investment asset. Now If I switch my Mprofit to 31/03/2013, I see that - average price (200.37) is less than the market price (225.3407). But my XIRR return indicates -1.78%. For such simple, uncomplicated transaction I feel my XIRR must be positive.

I see many such discrepancy in the report.
Can you please clarify on this point.

b. One more major problem I am finding is Group Return reported in Historic Pricing. I have two individual portfolio "Trading" and "Long Term Investment" grouped under "Total Portfolio". Now "Trading" portfolio started in FY 2012-2013. Now When I switch the Historical date to 31/03/2012 (when I had only one portfolio i.e Long Term Investment), then I expect Group Return to be same as Individual Portfolio return. However, they are very different!. For Example If you consider Stocks, for me the "Trading Portfolio" is empty (which is correct), "Long Term Investment" is giving XIRR as (-8.4%) and Group Portfolio providing for same value as (-27%) !!!!

Now it has become very hazy for me to believe any number. I have tried restart of the application, Update of the prices after period change etc. But of no use.

Do let me know If anything is wrong in my understanding or usage.
I personally feel, there are lots of bugs related historical pricing feature.



  • edited February 2014
    Dear Kiran Kumar,

    Annualised Return (XIRR) is not supported for historical pricing yet. If you are in past period and if you click Reports->Analytical->XIRR reports, it will give the message that you will need to select the current period. Please ignore the balloon information of XIIR% for past period.

    MProfit currently supports the XIRR for the start of the transaction till today and not for any other period. We have this feature request in our pipe line. You can only get absolute gain for historical pricing.

    There is some display issue which leads to some confusion. We have forwarded this issue to our product team to disable balloon information for XIRR for the past period.

    Do call us if you need any further clarification.

  • how to view, historical price?
    and also if I want analysis for performance of perticular scheme or catagory, how to view or run?
  • There are two ways:

    1. Tools -> Change Period (this will show the prices on the summary screen)

    2. Reports -> Advanced -> Historical Pricing -> Stocks/MFs (this will generate a report based on the day you select)

    we don't really have any analysis of schemes or categories beyond what we show on the summary screen.
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