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How do you calculate number of portfolios in MProfit for the licensing purpose?

edited January 2014 in General
MProfit Investor has a limit of 16 portfolios (which includes portfolios in PMS & Accounting)
MProfit Pro has a limit of 50 portfolios (which includes portfolios in PMS, F&O & Accounting)
MProfit Advisor has a limit as per the respective plan, such as Advisor 100, 200 & 500

Each portfolio in PMS, each account in F&O and each account name in accounting module is being considered as a new portfolio even if it belongs to the same person.
For e.g. in case of Mehta family, they have
PMS Portfolios:
Mr. Mehta
Mrs. Mehta
F&O Accounts:
Mr. Mehta
Mrs. Metha
Mr. Mehta
Mrs. Mehta
In this case, total portfolio count will be considered as six.
Keeping this policy in mind, we have kept the pricing of all the versions of MProfit very low.

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