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Goldman sachs Gold BeES ETF price incorrectly updated

edited January 2014 in General
I see that the GS Gold BeES price updated on MProfit seems to be
incorrect. Like for example on NSE EOD 15/Jan/2014 prices it at 2757.00
Rs.However the updated price in MProfit is 2561.1782. Why is this
difference? Should the user change some option to reflect the right


  • You might have looked at the data before 4 or 5 PM. The closing price gets adjusted around this time from NSE. MProfit closign price for 15-Jan-14 was 2753.50, which is matching with NSE historical price.

    Below is the price from NSE site.
    15-Jan-20142,758.002,772.902,748.50 2757.002,753.5016,542
  • edited January 2014
    Could you please guide me  with more clarify on this, As I see this today (19th Sunday 2014 Jan), I find the prices mismatch with that of the NSE value. I have added a sample screen shot below - Please check if I am indeed doing an incorrect transaction.

    In case you are not able to see the image attached, the value provided in the MProfit update is 2548.8028. Not sure what exactly is going wrong.
  • Kumar,

    The Goldman Sach BeES price difference is probably because the instrument has two prices based on where you bought the fund.

    If you bought the fund via a broker then you will want to check the price for it. You can add the instrument under stocks in MProfit.

    If you bought the fund via an advisor or directly from the fund house then the price will match AMFI or Value Research.  You can add this instrument under Mutual Funds in MProfit.

  • Thank you for your explanation.
    It is clear, I have it in Mutual Fund section (though I have bought it from broker), That should be the problem I guess. (Not yet tried to move from MF Section to Equity Section).

    Just for the sake of knowledge, Why do these two differ? What are the difference between them? Are the underlying gold holding different?

    May be you can publish these question as part of your newsletter distribution.
    This had been blocking me for long time.

  • Kumar,

    Yes, just delete the transaction from the Mutual Fund section and enter the transaction under Stocks, then you will get the correct price.

    You raise a very good point about why do they differ, we searched the internet and found a good article that talks about it:

    Although this is about gold, it does address why do instruments have a different NSE price and mutual fund NAV.

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