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How do I enter NHAI Bond allotment in PMS and Accounts?

edited December 2013 in Accounting
Q: How do I enter part-allotment of Bonds in Accounts and PMS
I have applied for 100 bonds of NHAI Tax free bonds, each for Rs.1,000 for Rs.1,00,000/- on 15-Nov-2013
I have been alloted 20 bonds @ 1000 = 20,000/- and refunded the balance money and 80,000 was creditd to my bank account on 30-Nov-2013
How do I enter transactions in Accounts and PMS.

From Accounts:
Create one ledger "Share/Bond Application Money" under Current Assets
Click 'Payment' voucher
On 15-Nov-2013, make payment from your bank to this ledger "Share/Bond Application Money" of Rs.1,00,000

Now, Click PMS
Double Click Bonds
Select 'Buy' transaction
Click 'New' button and create new asset name as 'NHAI Tax Free Bonds" and enter details and save.

Now go to Accounts,
Double-click 'Unassigned bank/ledger' and open this transaction of Rs.20,000
Assign it to "Share/Bond Application Money"

Now Click Receipt Voucher
Enter date as 30-Nov-2013 and enter the receipt of refund of Rs.80,000 from the ledger "Share/Bond Application Money"

This will complete the entire bond application and allotment transactions in PMS and Accounts

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