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How do I enter IPO transaction in PMS and Accounts?

edited December 2013 in Accounting
I had applied for 100 shares of "Just Dial" and made payment from my bank. I got allotment after few weeks. How do I make entry in Accounts as well as PMS?

1) Create one ledger named 'Share Application Money' under Current Assets.
2) Click Payment voucher and make entry for payment of this amount to 'Share Application Money'
3) When shares are alloted, in PMS module, right click 'Stocks' icon in PMS and click 'Other Transactions->Off-market transactions
4) Select IPO/Right Issue and click 'New' button and select 'Just Dial' and enter the quantity and amount details
5) Go to Accounts, you will see this transaction under 'Unassigned bank/ledger'
6) Open this transaction and assign this to 'Share Application Money'

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