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Why is my overall gain much less than my annualized return?

edited November 2013 in General
I am investing in  a mutual fund through SIP for the past 3 years. Why it is showing that my overall gain as 1.26% while my annualized return is showing as 7.59% . 

How it is possible? If I had totally invested Rs.100 for the past 3 years and now it is Rs.101.26, then how my annualized return could be 7.59% ? Am I missing anything here? Please advise.

P.S: I have also sold some units in between from this mutual fund.

Shankar S


  • edited November 2013
    Annualised Return % also includes your gain on sold units. The gains on the sold units may have been higher hence your Annualised Return % is higher than overall gain %. Overall gain is the absolute gain on the balance units based on the current NAV.

    To know more about XIRR (Annualised Return), click the following link:

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