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Transactions in future date

edited October 2013 in Advisor

Many cases it happens that we give cheques for bills / or clients give us cheques / cheques are given for insurance payments, etc.

Since, Mprofit does not allow to add transactions in future dates, we have to wait deliberately till the transaction date has arrived.

It will be very helpful if we can add future transactions so that we are aware of the cash flows..

e.g. if Recurring deposit is getting deducted on 15th of every date it will be helpful for us that we can add that transaction before the actual date so that we can have balance after committments.


  • Yes, at the moment we do not provide future date transactions. We will forward the feature request to the product team.
  • Now that you have accounts,we need the future date provision. This is also required for us to estimate future income while computing advance tax. Please let us know an approx date by which you will provide us this feature.

  • the product team will review this feature and add it to the product roadmap.
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