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Asset Names for new assets that are added.

edited October 2013 in Advisor

I created an asset named "Home" under Loans. Later i decided to delete the asset from tracking as the same was created just to have some learning. So I deleted the transactions and deleted the asset itself from delete record.

Now when i try to create any asset under any category with the name "Home" it is telling that it is a duplicate asset name.

Since, I have deleted the asset name, the same shall be available to be used again, which actually not. So, when i check the list of asset name, it is not appearing in the list and now allowing me to use that name also.


  • Click Activity Menu
    Select 'Edit/Delete' asset for this portfolio and delete the asset from here.
    Do let us know if this resolves the issue
  • I have deleted the asset as suggested by you, but the issue is still existing.
  • Agreed, we should provide a facility to delete an asset but we don't at the moment.

    However, there is a workaround. Select the asset name and add it to your summary screen. Then right click on it and select "Edit Selected Asset", then you can rename the asset. 
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