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Can we register Recurring Deposits ?

edited October 2013 in Accounting

 Can we register recurring deposits with particular bank so that it will automatically carry out monthly transactions to RD account and on maturity, maturity amount will be transferred to original account.

Entering every month becomes lengthy process if there are many RD accounts.

Is there any way so that we can mark bank transactions as reconsiled / pending etc.


  • Currently that feature is not available. When we provide an import facility for bank statements then it might help you in reducing the amount of manual entry. The import facility for bank statements might take 4-6 months to implement.
  • I made manual entries for 48 recurring deposits with tenures in the range from 1 to 6 years. Making so many entries is really troublesome. If there is a facility for importing Recurring deposit transactions from excel, it will bring down 10 days work to just few hours.

    Till bank statement import facility is not available, option to import entries from excel files will be very useful.
  • edited April 2014
    This feature is already added to MProfit. You can import all your deposit (Inculding Recurring) transactions in to MProfit. Here is the link for import of bond transactions.

    Deposit transactions import will be similar.
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