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What is unassigned bank/ledger and how do I assign bank/ledger?

edited October 2013 in Accounting
The assets (mutual funds, fixed deposits,bonds) bought or sold will be posted in unassigned bank/ledger. This is like a suspense account. You can assign one transaction to specific bank/ledger or you can assign all transactions related to any asset to one particular bank/ledger.

There are various ways how you can assign bank/ledger:

1. Assign all transactions of any asset:

Right click the name of any asset such as stock, MF or FD name and select ‘Assign Bank or ledger for transactions of this asset’. This option will post all transactions of this asset to the assigned bank. You do not need to mark each transaction individually


2) Assign one transaction at a time:
Double click Unassigned bank/ledger
Double click any transaction or Right click the transaction.
Click the link ‘Assign Bank/Ledger’ and click the name of the bank or select any ledger

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