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What keyboard shortcuts are available?

edited September 2013 in General

The short-cut keys work with respect to specific vouchers or screens.

Double click on the particular icon for Stocks, MF, Insurance, etc and open the form for buy/sell transactions, once you fill out the information:

- Alt+S - to save the form

- Alt+D - to delete the record

- Ctrl+D - to delete the respective row in Stock – buy/sell form

- Ctrl+F - to find the company  or Mutual Fund in buy/sell form

- Alt+N - to create a new asset name for any other asset


Similarly, when you are in PMS Summary screen, all the menu items have shortcut keys associated with the letter which is underlined:

Alt+O - Open Portfolio

Alt+G - Open Group

Alt+E - Edit Master

Alt+V - Views

Alt+R -Reports

Alt+M - Activity Menu

Alt+C - Close Portfolio

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