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How to add details form MF statement

edited September 2013 in General
1. I have a SIP going on in IDFC and HDFC MF. How can i add the details of SIP directly from their e-statement. I am currently downloading the detailed CAMS statement and adding. But it is tedious. Is there an easier way to do this.
2. Is there a way to add bank accounts and their statements directly
3. What is NET XIRR and other details the report gives. is it possible to explain the significance of these
Overall i am very satisfied with the software


  • 1. you have to map the fund names one time and then import the CAS account statement, it should be an easy process. You can call us at 022-4002-41419 and we can assist you with it

    2. At the moment we don't have bank account facility but we are going to add it very soon, once we launch our accounting module in the next 3-4 weeks.

    3. NET XIRR is basically the performance of your investments. It might be better to call us so we can explain it to you.
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