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Home Loan

edited August 2013 in General
I want to add home loan details.
How it can be added ?


  • You can find information about 'Adding Home loans' by visiting the link below;

  • Normally all banks deduct EMI as one transaction from bank accounts.

    How to show debit from bank accounts and credit to Home loans. Right now we have to manually enter principal paid and interest paid on monthly basis.

    This is really tedious to enter all values manually.
  • You will need to enter manually for now. We have forwarded your suggestion to our product team, if there is any way out in future.
  • Now that we have a feature of Bank Account Import, how to co-relate Bank transaction to Loan payments in PMS.
  • During import, in preview window, you can select 'Add to PMS' and create PMS voucher from there. This will also create JV in accounts. Currently,  you will need to do this for each loan payment during import. Our technical team is reviwing for providing automated solution for all subsequent similar transactions.
  • The problem right now is that every time I try to make entry in PMS through Bank statement Import, only option is borrow in home loan, which is not correct. Actually I want to make payments against borrowing of loan.

    Also, suppose loan deduction of 10,000 has 2500 as principal and 7500 as interest which is entered in loan repayment. how to correlate these values ??
  • We have fixed the issue in the new update. Click Help->Check for Update and download and install new software update. You will now see the transaction type as 'Payback',
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