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kudos for creating Mprofit

edited August 2013 in General
in india we  hardly have any financial Software for individual users so a big thanks to Mprofit Team.  
most of my investment are Via SIP route
1.  is there way to specify SIP into particular mutual fund for X amount for Y times in a month , 
Can Mprofit automatically retrieve the NAV and units purchased  based on particular SIP amount ? 

2. Adding Mutual fund data Manually  what significance does Date have ? most of my investment have been using SIP, but right now it would  be too much of hassle to manually enter 5 years of Data, thus  as of now i have copy pasted consolidated   investment data from HSBC,and used today's date as Buy Date and using average purchase price NAV, number of unit to arrive at correct investment Figure, it seem to be working fine but i am sure date would have relevance  when using Other features of Mprofit like generating Reports etc , so any tips on how to do about adding Past data ?

thank for your help 



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