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Dividend and its effect on Overall gain and Current Value

edited August 2013 in General
I'm currently using MProfit Pro and had a question about the treatment of dividends. I've added dividend payouts to individual stock records, but the current value of the holding and overall gain is not taking into account the dividend payment. Either your holding cost should decline or your total return should be increased by the dividend payment. Can you please confirm how dividends are treated within the software?


  • edited August 2013
    Overall gain and current value are based on the balance quantity and current market price. Overall gain is actually unrealised (un-booked) gain/loss based on balance quantity. Income from any asset will not affect this. To see the actual return from any asset, you need to check the XIRR (Annualised Return) reports which will take in account, all the details such as booked gain/loss, income and also unrealised gain/loss from the balance holdings.

    To view these reports:

    Click Reports on right hand side (Next to Activity Menu)
    Select Analytical Report
    Click Annualised Return Reports (XIRR) in the right hand side window
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