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How to handle multiple Demat account transactions

edited May 2013 in General
Suppose I have two accounts, with Br-1 and Br-2.
I primarily use Br-1 for my long term investments and Br-2 for short term trading.
Now How to handle them in MProfit?

If I enter them as single portfolio (from both brokerage), I get the advantage of handling the STCG and LTCG as a single unit, which will aid me in optimizing my tax payment. If I enter them as multiple portfolio, then there are advantages of tracking the performance of investment (by each brokerage account in this case) more easily.

So my whole point here is, is there a way to handle both these cases effectively? Currently it looks like both are exclusive to each other and would be difficult to get both in one shot.


  • The way you mentioned is the only way to really handle it: 1. Everything in one portfolio 2: Create two separate portfolios.
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