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What type of Profit/Loss and Capital Gains reports are available?

edited December 2013 in General

There are three types of reports available in MProfit to calculate gains. 

1) Capital Gains Report: Click Reports->CapitalGains 
Here the capital gains are calculated based on first in first out and we have various formats for individual use, like summary and transaction wise reports. All the capital gains reports are as per income tax rules. In stocks category, we have intra-day gains, short term and long term capital gains. All the capital gains are adjusted for the corporate actions like Bonus, Split, Merger and De-merger. Many chartered accountants are using our software and have found it accurate. 

2) Trading Reports (Profit/loss): Profit/Loss are calculated based on weighted average cost. This report is designed for traders who would like to know their profit/loss based on the average purchase price. This should not be used for the capital gains calculations. 

3) Realised Gains Reports: This calculates your gains based on FIFO basis, and clubbed all the gains under realised gain 

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