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Cap Gain reports and dividends

edited March 2013 in General
I have noticed that when the capital gains and realised profit reports are prepared by the software, then the dividend payouts are not included in the reports. Aren't dividend payouts (in case of equity & mutual funds) and dividend reinvestments (in case of mutual funds) in fact profit to the investor?

In that case, the reports should incorporate it in the realised gains reports atleast. Otherwise, the investor will miss out on the dividend advantage that each equity or mutual fund is giving when assessing their worth.


  • Dividend and Dividend-reinvestment are part of the income for the investors. Realised gain is the booked profit and Capital gain calculations are for your taxation purpose. In order to view the complete picture of your gain on any investment, please review the annualised (XIRR) reports, which will give you total gain on your investment, which includes realised gain, dividend income and unrealised gain. This report gives you the total gain as well as annualised gain on your investment.
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