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How do I enter Fixed Deposits?

edited March 2013 in General
To add bank Fixed Deposit's (FD's):

Double click the FD icon and you will notice the blank form for FD investment
Select the Transaction type as ‘Investment’
When you are creating the bank FD for the first time, Click New button. Create the name for this FD, such as ‘State Bank of India – 1 Year FD’ or ‘SBI – 5 Year FD’ or ‘Bank of Baroda - FD’. Create the Bank, by clicking the New button. Similarly Create Agent for this FD. (You can choose to ignore Bank and Agent if you want)

Once, FD name is created, fill out all the information related to this FD, such as FD Number, Lock-in period (if any), Interest Rate, Interest Type (cumulative or pay-out), Interest Payment (Quarterly or yearly) and Maturity Date.

Please note that above information is important if you would like to see your maturity value as well as current value (Principal + Accrued interest up to today) and daily gain of accrued interest for this FD on portfolio summary screen.

Once this information is complete, you are ready to enter the transaction. Enter the date of the creation of this FD, amount and Click Save button.

Your FD will be created and you will see the details of this FD in portfolio summary screen. When you move your mouse over this FD name on summary screen, you will notice the balloon notification with the information about FD ref Number, Maturity Date, Maturity Value and Lock-in Period.

Later, you can add transactions related to partial withdrawal, cumulative interest, interest pay-out, etc for this FD.
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