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Not able to calculate daily gains from Bonds

edited March 2013 in General
I am using the Bonds asset category to maintain my IDFC LTI Bonds. Below are the details entered by me
Lock-in Period - 5 years from date of investment.
Interest Rate - 7.5
Interest Type - Payout
Interest Payment - Yearly
Maturity date - 5 years from date of investment.

Date - Date of transaction
Quantity - 4
Rate - 5000

1. Daily gains are displayed, however, Overall gain is always zero. It should be cumulative of daily gains. As per my knowledge, the data entered is correct. Please suggest.
2. For listed bonds (that can be "traded"), does MProfit provide the daily updates?


  • 1) The data entered is correct. Overall gain is zero because the interest type is Interest (Payout). The interest is not added back to your investment but it is being paid out to your bank account. In case of cumulative option, the overall gain will be calculated based on the accrued interest.

    You need to pass the entry of interest payment every year when you receive the interest. Right Click this asset, IDFC LTI Bond on summary screen and select ‘Add Income for the Asset’ and enter the interest pay-out details.

    If you would like to see the overall gain for this asset, 
    Go to Reports -> Analytical
    Select Annualised Return (XIRR) – All Assets.

    You will see total gain as well as annualised gain for this asset.

    2) The current version does not provide the prices of the listed bonds. We provide the prices of listed stocks as well as all the mutual funds.
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