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How do I enter a change in PPF interest

edited March 2013 in General
The interest rate up to Dec 2011 was 8.0% on PPF and after that it has been made 8.6%. How do I make the changes in MProfit? If I change to 8.6% will it change older data also?


  • You need to pass the interest entry up to 31-March-2011 and then change the interest rate as 8.6 in the first investment entry.

    Once you pass the interest entry up to 31-March, the interest will be calculated on the opening balance with new rate from 1st April onwards as per PPF rules.

    It may be a good practice to enter interest every year on 31-March as per your PPF passbook. From April onwards, it will continue to show accrued interest and will appear in overall gain.

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