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How do I manage UPLIP transactions and update current values of ULIP policies in MProfit?

edited May 2014 in General
ULIP products are complex products. The insurance company deducts the expenses from your ULIP policy by deducting the units, so every month, you will have different units of the funds and NAVs of funds are changing on a daily basis

We suggest to update date-wise premiums and/or withdrawals every month or every quarter as per the statement of your ULIP policy. By doing this, you can capture the true value of your ULIP investments in your net worth as well as you will gauge the performance of your ULIP/Insurance policies based on actual annualised return (XIRR)

There are couple of ways you can set the current policy value for ULIP/Insurance policies:

a) The first option is to calculate the policy value as per the total premium paid – withdrawal (Use Set Current Value feature)

b) The second option is to set the policy value every month or every quarter based on the statement of your ULIP policy directly and this will be reflected in your net worth of your portfolio (Use Set Current Value feature by right clicking the ULIP/INS policy name)

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