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How do I add buy/sell MF transactions?

edited April 2013 in General
Double Click on the Mutual Stock button on left hand side of summary screen or Click on the Buy/Sell button next to Mutual Funds on the right hand side of the summary screen. 

You will see the blank mutual fund form. If you are entering the transactions of any mutual fund scheme for the first time, you need to add this scheme in your own assets from the available system list. This is just one time process. System list will have all the available mutual fund schemes. Click the "New" button to create the new MF scheme from the available all the MF schemes. You need to carefully choose your MF scheme as per the statement of your MF, as you will see many similar schemes in system list. This is important as current NAV will be displayed of your chosen MF from the system list. Select the Equity or Debt option for that MF scheme. Then fill out all the buy, sell and dividend reinvestment details as per the statement of the mutual fund scheme. You also can enter bonus units received for any of your schemes through this form. Select the transaction type as Bonus and fill out the number of units.
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